Norris’ work is rare. It is purposeful. I’ve been asked if his work reminds me of anyone in particular. No. It stands on it own. The paintings are original thought in the genre of abstract expressionism. The drawings do look a bit like R. Crumb did renderings of M.C. Escher / Frank Lloyd-Wright collaborations. I always judge art by these two criteria; 1-Quality of craftsmanship 2-Quality of intent. Norris has both...

Christopher Gulick

has always been fascinated by balance, that constant battle of wits with inertia and gravity. He is equally intrigued by junk, with its accidental asthetic appeal that is acquired only by circumstance. "The chaotic fluid lines formed by nature appeal to the spiritual drive in me. The lines implemented in architectural design patronize my desire for logic."

Lee Shiney

His work includes the "Automatic" series which explores alternatives in paint application, sometimes using computer programming, custom made circuit boards, bicycle wheels, screen door hardware, and "lots and lots of plastic cups. I enjoy the hightech vs. lowtech dicotomy."


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